The 10-Day Rule For Drivers License Under DUI

DUI-under-21Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is the serious crime that may lead to suspension of driver’s license or in worst cases, the long term imprisonment. If you are charged for DUI multiple times, you may face more severe punishments. It may include the imprisonment for 5-10 years with heavy fines. The DUI charges can have bad impact on your career and your personal life. It is possible to erase these charges fully by hiring the experienced DUI attorney to shield you in court. It is good to call the DUI lawyer immediately after your arrest so that the lawyer can monitor the complete situation and find the way out.

What is 10 Day Rule?

The 10 day rule is the time demanded for hearing to save your driving license after your arrest for DUI. The court allows you 10 days time to make a request. If you fail to schedule a hearing within these 10 days, you will face the license cancellation for longer time period. The revocation period may vary depending on whether it is first offense, second, third or more.

Remember that when you are arrested for drunk driving, you have very short time for requesting a hearing. If you make this request in time, you will definitely be able to save your license. You will have a valid license until your case begins in court with DMV. Judge can also take away your license as punishment. The drunk driving is a serious offense and these cases should be taken seriously. It is important to hire the experienced DUI attorney to help you out in the DUI case. Failing to schedule the hearing within 10 days of your arrest will land you in trouble. The DUI arrest does not mean that you will lose your license or get inflated insurance rates or other penalties. Taking necessary action on time will save you from these charges.

10 Days Rule for DUI Arrest:

img-first-dui-licenseWhenever any person is arrested under the charge of drunk driving, his driving license automatically gets seized by the law enforcement. It is done for the safety of the driver and the public. The driver is then restricted to drive until they follow the 10 day rule for driver’s license. This rule states that the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) hearing should be scheduled within 10 days after the arrest.

The DHSMV hearing is the important part for maintaining your driving privileges. The DHSMV hearing is completely different from the criminal court case and it allows you to fight against the suspension of driver’s license. If you fail to schedule the DUI hearing within these 10 days, your driving license will automatically get revoked for the period of anywhere from 6 months to one year or more.

The best way to fight against the DUI case in court is to hire an aggressive and experienced DUI lawyer to defend you in court. You can explain the entire situation to your lawyer in detail and he can find out the solution for you. The lawyer can fight for your driving privileges and then for your freedom.

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